Slime Update Archive - July 2003

Mid-Summer Update

You know what I hate? I hate it when you love visiting someone’s weblog, and they suddenly stop updating it. And you keep going back and going back, and they still don’t update it. It’s like, come on! Update your site! Do you expect me to keep visiting if you just let it sit there for like a month and don’t say anything? It’s so rude! Why don’t these people think about their readers? I don’t know why anyone would ever continue to visit a site like that.

Anyway, my wisdom teeth came out with no trouble (four out of the six of them), and the break from work was nice. Since then, I’ve completed a Content Management System with a friend of mine at work. It’s primitive in a way, and really powerful in other ways. If we ever get all the features that we want implemented, I might even use it for myself. It has an interface similar to that of the hardly-touched JavaScript Raytracer, and an overly-complicated template system. I discovered more Internet Explorer bugs as I worked on it, some related to getElementById actually returning the wrong element. (Lines such as document.getElementById(string).id == string actually returned false; I kid you not.) I detest that browser. Mozilla hasn’t been all that kind to us either, but not quite so bad. Opera’s great. Too bad Netscape died the other day.

If I get the motivation, my images page (currently quite ugly due to a small CSS change I made a while ago) may be updated with a new image or two that I’ve made since the last one on there. If you want to see them, motivate me.

Oh, yeah, and there’s also been Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. It’s a good expansion to a good game. So I’ve been playing it a lot, and will probably continue to do so. In the meantime, I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens.

Posted at midnight on July 16, 2003